What Are Mover Dollies Used For?

A mover’s dolly is designed to help people move heavy items and large loads, these can range from white goods to big and bulky furniture pieces. Most moving companies have dollies on hand or could rent them on request, and it is possible to buy these from companies that sell moving materials. In addition to getting used for moving houses and offices, these are used also within warehouses and other places alike, where large items are moved on a regular basis.

A standard dolly has a low platform which is set on a set of wheels. The platform and wheels will be reinforced, so the dolly is able to carry heavy loads, and it is normally low to the floor, thus ensuring overhead clearance is not a problem when moving in and out of doorways. This device has no handles, instead a user pushing the dolly. It is also possible to secure large items onto a dolly using tie downs, which will prevent them from falling or wobble too much.

Two wheeled versions of this device are also referred to as hand trucks or 2 wheeled dollies. These are created to carry smaller loads. Most of them fold up, which means a mover can easily transport and store it when they are not being used. Hand trucks are common in places where numerous packages are handled, as they are used to transport large and bulky boxes around.

There are, however, a few safety considerations to bear in mind. It is vital you never overload it, as most come with weight limits stamped on their platforms for reference. It is also recommended to not leave items on them while they are shipped or transported, as they do move and could damage other items getting transported at the same time. Tie downs can be used, and people should practice caution when moving a dolly over bumps or changes in elevation.

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